Northern BC and the Dease Lake area are world famous for its vast diversity and trophy quality of big game, and our guided hunting trips are designed around each hunter. We mainly offer 10 day horseback hunts from our 6 remote base camps that are situated amongst some of the best "moose country" in the region, but we also have a variety of other big game that are easily accessible from our camps (i.e.: Stone Sheep, Grizzly Bear, Wolves, Mountain Caribou, Wolverine, Mountain Goat). We are also able to offer quality hunts to those with more limited mobility, or disabilities.

We also have Lake/Boat hunts available for those persons not wanting to straddle a horse! These hunts are mainly moose hunts, and can be booked for 8 or 10 days. Grizzly and/or Caribou can become available from these mountain lakes depending on the camp you are hunting from. Our hunts include the following; Transportation to and from base camp, meals, lodgings, meat and cape preparations. We encourage you to bring any non-hunting companions, such as your spouse, children, grandparents, or whomever you would like to share in this experience with you, and a nominal daily fee will be charged which will cover their meals, accommodation, and transportation as stated above.

Hunter Fitness: All though we can accommodate most physical limitations, we must be aware of your limits when you book a hunt. This way we can get you signed up for the hunt that is "right for you". Talk to us and I'm sure we can cater a hunt to your needs.

If you would like more information on our rates or available bookings, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we can start planning your hunting adventure today!