We Expect:

We expect you to arrive ready to hunt and ready to have a good time, free from your daily stresses / routines from home and business. We also expect you to trust us, because we do know our area and game, and will do our best to find the right animals for you to harvest. If we decide to move camp part way through your hunt, it will be to your benefit, as we want you to harvest! We expect you to be open and up front with us regarding your physical health / abilities, so that we can give you the best experience possible, with-in your personal capabilities. We don't want you to be disappointed, and we don't want to be disappointed either! We also expect you to have patience!

You should Expect:

You should expect a quality experience and a trip of a lifetime, with as few problems as possible! (There are always things that are unforeseen). You should also expect a mixed bag of weather; from hot and sunny to downright nasty! You can expect your guide to be courteous and knowledgeable of the game you are hunting. Expect to do at least some walking; we will use the horses as much as possible, but no hunt is without a little footwork. You can expect to have comfortable cabins/camps with reasonable "camp fare".

Don't Expect!

To shoot the first animal you see. Don't expect to us to break any laws or regulations, we will only harvest game using 100% legal means or the animal walks away! Don't expect to continue to hunt for a species if you have previously wounded an animal. All reasonable efforts to retrieve your animal will be made by your guide.