We operate out of six different base camps equipped with cabins, wood heat, propane lights, and outdoor facilities. Rustic showers are available at a couple of the base camps. Your hunt will start and finish from these base camps, and may also involve some of our spike camps which consist of Wall tents and wood heaters, along with army style cots and sleeping pads.

As we strive to improve on the quality of our trips, we are adding new cabins each season. So campsites where once there was only a wall tent and poles, will now sport a new 16x16 cabin! These are ongoing improvements and we expect to keep adding to our facilities annually.

Gear list (From a Hunter, for a Hunter!)

Equipment list for horseback hunters from a 2010 client... What I brought, needed, used or wished I had!

Note: All gear (incl. your sleeping bag) should be in 1 large duffel bag, not to exceed 60lbs. Not counting your day pack!

And lastly as they say, "Relaaaax, take it easy..."