About Us

Outfitters: Mike & Carol Danielson

Both Carol and I have grown up in this area, and hunted and fished all of our lives. I have hunted these mountains since the mid-1970's via horseback with my father and brothers, in the early years as a "Packer/Transporter". I even trapped in this guide area as a teenager. I've hunted and fished numerous local lakes via floatplane. In short, I know the area! I had been guiding for several years with the previous Outfitter, and had always dreamed of having my "own outfit" someday. In 2009 several situations came together, which allowed Carol and I to step-up into the role of "Outfitters". Carol manages the books, does a lot of the Expediting, and can be found in camp at times turning out her ever famous "Bannock" (It's been rumoured that one hunter would pay a $1000 for the recipe!), or frying that fresh and juicy tenderloin for dinner. Carol also does a lot of the meeting and greeting of our clients when they get to our "big" town.

I do a lot of the guiding myself (because I enjoy it!) and with the help of a couple of wranglers and 1 to 2 other local guides we get the job done. We normally run 2 strings of 10 horses each, hunting out of 2 of the 6 base camps each fall, rotating seasonally to keep the quality of our game to "Trophy" standards. Our average size Moose are about 55" with bulls into the 60's", we don't like to harvest any under the 50" mark. Grizzly Bears numbers are high in our area, and average 7 - 8 ft. Mountain Caribou are scattered throughout the area and can be added onto most hunts for a trophy fee. Mountain Goat hunts are available as well, with Billie's ranging from 9 to 11 inches. Stone Sheep hunts are limited but we try to take 2 or 3 each year, and our rams normally are very dark in color. Wolves can be added onto any fall hunt for no-charge, and we offer affordable winter hunts as well. Black Bear (spring only), Wolverine, and Lynx hunts can also be arranged.